Being different simply means you have something unique to offer. Join us to make a difference by marking an unprecedented way of enjoying quality and growing together.

i-TEAM is a organization of VESTIGE Distributors based on an advanced support system of Multi Level Marketing, initiated by a group of successful professionals gifted with hands on experience both in Traditional Business and Direct Selling Industry, upholding an inspiring ideology of bringing happiness into the lives of billions of people through excellent team work and proven support system.



i-TEAM offers world class leadership to VESTIGE Distributors, who have positive attitude to reach more and more heights in their life. Its simplified supporting system & trainings helps everyone to achieve their goals through expanding their network globally.

 i-TEAM is an exemplary network model offering world class leadership. The organisational structure is designed to value independence, entrepreneurship and personalized service. i-TEAM aspires to lead the industry through continuous innovations and reformations in tune with the industrial expectations and quality trainings. It embodies the ideals of entrepreneurship, innovation and hard work. The ideology i-TEAM revolves around an aggressive strategy of enhancing its network, adapting new technologies, satisfying team members and fulfilling customer needs. It focuses on fostering a professional network of leaders through continuous training and motivation. i-TEAM is built on a Strong team foundation and long term vision with characteristics of soundness and stability.

Core Values

  • We Are trustworthy

  • We constantly Learn & upgrade

  • We Consistently grow

  • We succeed together


To be a globally recognized Organization by providing world class training, services and Opportunities through an innovative and sustainable Multi- level Marketing support system of VESTIGE business model.


To create a professional network of VESTIGE independent distributors globally and nurturing them to be world class entrepreneurs through an innovative and sustainable supporting system of Multi Level Marketing system while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and excellence.