The greatest presentation in the world is to no avail if you are not able to get a prospecting/recruitment appointment. Unfortunately, the least taught skill in network marketing/ MLM is the ability to set up a prospecting or recruiting appointment. When you cannot get someone to listen to your presentation, your chances for success in your home-based business are not good.

All it takes is a little proper training and practice. Just power up your recruiting ability, then watch your income growth. You can get most people to attend a zoom business meeting, make a call or send a message with this approach. All you need is a little practice, experience and knowledge of the magic words.

First, start every day by inviting someone to something. Then be brief, be casual, be specific and be enthusiastic! If someone says no, ask for a referral and move on to someone else. Since people do change their minds, put the prospect in your tickler file and call back in a couple of months.

Here are the magical, profane words necessary to get a YES to your invite:

1. I know you are planning to purchase your grocery.  Tomorrow me and one of my friend having a zoom meeting about how to save money on purchase and how we can earn money with grocery products. He is an expert on this subject. Can you join with me to hear the speaker? It may help you make the right buying decision.

2. I know you have been looking for information and options to help you solve your financial problem. I am going to have a zoom meeting tonight with someone who might be able to help you with that. Are you interested in joining me?

3. My evening zoom/google/jio meetings often make me think about you. You would enjoy zoom meeting and knowing several of our experts and learning about their skills about home based business. If you join me for the meeting this week, I will introduce you!

4. I am looking for a friend to take to my zoom meeting. It is less than one hour; there will be two interesting presentations, and a whole room full of business associates for you to network. Can you join me?

5. I am having a zoom meeting with a group of people who helped me grow my home based business and earn something additional. I will bet you could benefit by meeting some of them. Are you available tomorrow?

6. I know you are a person that enjoys meeting and networking with people. Would you like to join me and meet a room full of new business contacts? It will be an interesting zoom meeting and a bunch of great professionals will be there. Can I arrange a space for you?

The most important thing you can do is invite successfully. The second is to teach inviting to your down line. Pick one or two of these magical invites out and master them. You can have a horrible presentation and still succeed in network marketing when you can invite successfully. You can always get your up line to do the presentation when you are not that good at it. It does no good to give out information about the business if no one listens to the i-talk Business Presentation. It is truly discouraging if no one listens in to your conference calls or attends your meetings either.

The key, therefore, is learning to invite successfully. That is the message. Learn to invite and teach your new recruits the same techniques. These techniques work. However, only you can make them work for you.

by Shabeer

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