What do you need to turn your dreams into reality?

What do you need to turn your dreams into reality?

So, Do you have a vision?

Do you want to achieve something meaningful?

Do you want to create an impact?

Let me start by telling you, that you can have all of these things. You can turn your dreams into reality. You can turn your vision into reality, and build a business that matters.

But it’s just not going to happen tomorrow. Or anytime soon.

I’ve got a lifetime to create work that matters. But the longer it takes me to get there, the shorter my lifetime will be.

I have a lifetime to turn my vision into reality. And it doesn’t really matter when that is going to happen. But at the same time, if it doesn’t happen anytime soon, then I am going to starve.

And that’s the problem.

That’s the source of all fear for aspiring youth.

Most of us are in such a rush to achieve all those things, which are on our minds. But being in a rush, is never going to get us there. All creation takes time to evolve and mature into something meaningful.

The core principles you’ll need to understand to unlock this process are as follows:

Forget about comfort.

We want to achieve all these things. But we also want to be comfortable along the journey. That is just not going to happen. If we really want to achieve something, then we need to make the necessary sacrifices, in order to get there.

Anything meaningful, is only achieved after a long period of struggle.

This period of struggle might look different for everybody. But for most people involves things like:

  • Living in constant fear of going broke tomorrow
  • Spending all your time on your work & having hardly any time left for anything else
  • Living close to the poverty line
  • Not really having the support of anyone
  • Being in constant fear of whether or not you are ever going to ‘make it’

Comfort just doesn’t exist in this world. Living the lifestyle of your dreams, is simply impossible for the time being.

Change your life circumstances.

Remember, the one thing you need in order to achieve your dreams, is to create time for yourself. To give yourself the space you need, in order for your work to evolve and become something that people appreciate.

The easiest way of doing that, is by changing your life circumstances.


Think carefully about sacrifices.

You really need to be clear on the question which sacrifices you are willing to make, in order to turn your dreams into reality. If you don’t, then you are going to reach a terrible awakening one day.

You might easily come to realize, that you have sacrificed your whole youth for this one illusive dream.

Find a way of making ONLY those sacrifices you are willing to make.

As for other sacrifices, figure out a way of working around them.

Automate a form of income.

Take a step back from your vision for a while. Focus on building a business that can generate an income for you, without much time involvement on your part.

This doesn’t have to be anything revolutionary.

Remember, all this is supposed to do is to generate you a form of passive income, so that you can focus on building your dream business, without much fear of going broke tomorrow. Try to build something here, which is super unique and innovative.

Do some research.

Keep it simple.

Invest a little bit of your time into this.

If you can build a simple business, which generates you enough money to sustain a basic living for yourself, this will give you a huge boost in confidence.

A lot of the fear, which previously was torturing you, is going to disappear.


If you want to successfully turn your vision into reality, then the one thing you are going to need the most, is time. You will have to give yourself the space you need, in order to do your best work possible.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of ‘wanting it all soon’.

If you do, then you are only going to produce half-baked work. You are also going to be disappointed with the results. And, you are probably going to give up very soon.

Give yourself all the time you need.

Be in it for the long-term game.

Have the patience to keep pushing forward, no matter what.

Live a lifestyle, that enables you to focus on your work.

But don’t sacrifice all the things that are important to you. Sacrifice those things, which you are willing to sacrifice.

By Ravindra Patel.


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